Job Role

The role will be to run a busy temporary bar within a stadium or event space. You will be required to either manage a team of staff or work on your own in a location. The bars will range from single man mobile units to 9m fixed permanent locations with up to 10 staff members. There will be a range of products from ale, bag in box cocktails right through to drafts and spirit mixers. Different levels of experience and expertise are required for different units. We are looking for a range of people to run different units, as everyone works in different ways. The job role on the day will be to manage an effective working system for serving the customers and ensuring the staff are working to maximum potential. To assist the Level Supervisor and Event Manager in any pre-event roles and responsibilities which are required of you.



Personality – this is a key Shack trait as they need to ooze personality and passion in everything that they do. Problem solving – an event wouldn’t be an event without an issue, this is all about how the person can deal with it, not flapping and becoming over awed by something, dealing with it in a calm and professional manner. Spontaneity – being able to jump from bar to bar or event to event, sometimes there will be 1 days’ notice of an event and it is about being able to change a plan or your outlook of a stadium within minutes and jump into any given role on the day. Things change and that is what we deal with on a minutely basis. Can do attitude – this is another massive thing as everything needs to be “not a problem at all” as that is the Shack way, anything is possible and we will go above and beyond to ensure it is done. Working ethics – everyone needs to want to be there and want to work hard, this is a fundamental process from beginning to end. Punctuality – clearly a must, we cannot have anyone being late especially not our key staff members, this is just a given!



Smart dress, clean shaven or tidy beard.



  • Head Office
  • Brick House Farm
  • Bromyard
  • Herefordshire
  • HR7 4LU